Som V Tambe

Hi there! I am Som, a final year undergraduate at IIT Kanpur. I like experimenting extensively and discover the interplay between different fields.

I work on the intersection of Design and Technology. I currently work with Prof. J Ramkumar at MedTech Labs, IITK on applying soft-robotics to create non-invasive biomedical devices for rehabilitation. I also experiment with microfluidics fabrication and 3D printing.

I also manage the day-to-day activities of the Science & Technology Council, IIT Kanpur. As the General Secretary, S&T, I administer the logistics of 7 clubs, 5 societies and 6 teams to enable them function to the campus junta.

I previously worked with the Julia language to help them extend reverse-mode automatic differentiation to their Images ecosystem. I also worked with Prof. Priyanka Bagade where we experimented with Docker containers and bare metal machines to compare the overheads when running deep learning inference workloads.

Before this, I had worked as an undergraduate researcher at the C3i Center at IIT Kanpur. We came up with novel solutions to detect malware using NLP and API call sequences.

Apart from this, I am a swimmer. I also like playing basketball. I am also trained on the Indian Classical music intrument Tabla, but I still have a lot to learn.

If you think you have an idea or want to talk, we can discuss it via email!


[April, 2022] I will be joining Invention Factory at IITB for the summer. Excited to learn and extend my tinkering skills.
[Feb, 2022] I'm thrilled to be elected as the General Secretary, Science & Technology for the 2022-23 term.
[May, 2021] Thrilled to be accepted in Julia Summer of Code, 2021.
[April, 2021] Excited to work under Prof. Priyanka Bagade under SURGE, 2021.

Blog posts

I occasionally write blogposts related to my work. You can find the blogs here.

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